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International Orchid Fairs in Australia

The International Orchid Fairs are back for 2015, for further information check Fairs and click the relevant Fair for further information.

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Top 10 reasons to attend an Orchid Fair

  1. Orchid Fairs have been created in Australia by your friendly commercial orchid growers. They are your best way of getting 20+ vendors from all over Australia together in one place for you the hobbyist.

  2. Orchid Fairs offer you the opportunity to ask questions of the commercial orchid growers from all around Australia & gathered in the one place.

  3. Orchid Fairs bring the best international vendors available to you the hobbyist….see them at the next Orchid Fair held near you.

  4. Orchid Fairs put the biggest range of orchids & associated sundries on offer in one place …..nothing beats an Orchid Fair.

  5. Orchid Fairs put the cream of Australia's orchid growers & their wares under one roof for you the hobbyist.

  6. Orchid Fairs are the biggest orchid event any place in Australia…don’t miss when one is held near you.

  7. Orchid Fairs provide a “free freight” opportunity for hobbyists in each state they are conducted….

  8. Orchid Fairs are where new releases can be seen….don’t miss out when the next Orchid Fair is held near you!

  9. Orchid Fairs offer free parking and free or a small admission charge so you can come back and forth as often as you like.

  10. Orchid Fairs are the places where the keenest orchidists congregate in a relaxed and pressure free environment.

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